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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Biblical Laws Change By Art Mokarow

Some of the laws in France are different than The laws in Saudi Arabia.  Russian laws vary from Polish laws.  Countries approach crime according to the needs of the government or its Citizens.
All religions, faiths and ideologies differ also.  Biblical Laws given by God fulfill God’s purpose and goal for a specific people at a specific time. 
When Christ spoke to The Samaritan Woman He explained The Way to Eternal Life (John 4).  He told her Salvation was of The Jews.  This sounds very prejudicial.  Christ was quoting His “authority” from “Scriptures.”  His statement was prophetic, The sceptre [government] shall not depart from Judah [Jews, 2½ tribes], nor a lawgiver from between his feet [teacher] until Shiloh [tabernacle] come and unto him [Messiah] shall the gathering of the people be [worship of God]” (Genesis 49:10).  This cannot be any simpler.  This prophecy discloses exact events which must transpire before Judah or The Whole Nation of Israel can accept their Messiah.  Until this prophecy occurs, The Christ, The First Son of God will not be known by The Jews.  In fact a specific event occurs to announce His coming, “Binding his foal unto the vine [grape] and his ass’s colt unto the choice vine [for wine]; he washed his garments in wine [blood], and his clothes in the blood of grapes [His sacrifice].”  This has already transpired (Zechariah 9:9). 
Six days before The Jewish Passover, Christ fulfilled Zechariah’s prophecy and announced He was their King riding on the colt (John 12:11–15).  Why did they not accept The Messiah?
 Amazingly, the next verse in Zechariah Verse 10, also foretold Christ’s Kingdom of God was supposed to begin at the time He rode on the ass’s foal.  But, The Jews rejected Him and therefore The Messiah divorced His Bride but could remarry her later, just as Zechariah said.  Jesus Christ died for His Bride on the cross. 
The Times of The Gentiles started with “a new virgin” who would become His Bride (Matthew 21:43).  Until The Time of The Gentiles has been completed The World’s Savior will not return (Luke 21:24).
Until Shiloh is restored, as the tabernacle, when The Jews come back to restore The Temple they will not accept Jesus as the Christ.  Until then, Judah will have The Sceptre of God’s Kingdom.  They will continue preaching that the world must become Israelites by Circumcision and to keep The Law of Moses (Acts 15:5).
Without circumcision and keeping The Law of Moses, one cannot be a proselyte of Israel.  The Law of  Moses is forever until all is fulfilled, “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass [Revelations 21], [not] one jot or one tittle [kept exactly] shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled(Matthew 5:18).  That is clear.
Until The New Heavens and The New Earth, The Old Covenant Law of Moses must be kept completely not leaving “one speck” left undone (James 2:10).  The Prophets stated every detail must transpire just as Christ said.   That is an absolute.
Salvation is of The Jews but Jesus Christ did not stop when He told The Jews’ role in the steps they must take in order to be saved, “But the hour comes [temple destruction] and now is, when the true [real] worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth [no shadow – Hebrews 10:1]:  for the Father seeks such to worship him.  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth(John 4:23-24).
Besides Salvation being of The Jews, Christ added a change, because of the destruction of The Temple of God He wanted “true worshippers” to worship Him, in Spirit and Truth.
This demanded “a new way to seek” and “worship God.” At that time, a change had to be made from The Old Covenant Law of Moses to “a spiritual worship.” “Truth is “reality and not just a shadow which Hebrews 10:1 declared.  “A shadow” is only “a reflection of what is real.” 
A conference was held by The Apostles (Acts 15).  The decision they had to make was did The Gentiles have to follow The Law of circumcision.  The Gentiles did not want to be circumcised as they were more worthy than The Jews who rejected Christ, their Groom (Acts 15:5). 
The Gentiles could now worship God spiritually with the truth.  How was that possible?  Jesus Christ’s answer was, “Howbeit  when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth [no shadow]:  for he (God-made) shall not speak [Hebrews 3:7] of himself: but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak [spiritually]: and he will show you things to come(John 16:13).
When one receives God’s Holy Spirit, no longer is circumcision and keeping The Letter of The Law required by a person’s human efforts or works.  Prophecy replaces The Law as a shadow of good things to come.
In fact, after The Destruction of The Temple in 70 C.E. no one need keep The Law perfectly in its entirety because one third of The Law deals with Temple worship.  The Jews, however have The Sceptre (King David’s) and still must preach circumcision and The Law till Shiloh comes and restores God’s Temple during The Millennium (Revelations 20 and Ezekial 40-46).
The Jews were the first but have to become last.  However, they will be the first again during The 1,000 Year in The Kingdom of God with The King of Kings, The Christ.
When was this change foretold scripturally? The Change of The Priesthood necessitates The Change of The Law.  This transpired on Pentecost when Peter preached Christ became Melchizedek after He was Resurrected and went to heaven to be crowned by God as King and Priest after The Order of Melchizedek (Acts 2:32-35).  That is King David’s prophecy in Psalm 110.
The Old Covenant Law of Moses will not be restored to be preached by Judah until every person worldwide acknowledges that Salvation is of The Jews. 
During The Times of The Gentiles The Law is to be kept spiritually by God’s Holy Spirit “In Truth” and not a shadow of good things to come (II Corinthians 3).
 During The Millennium everyone will want to take hold of a Jews’ skirt and ask them to teach them how to worship God.  The Temple will be restored by Christ and The Old Covenant Law of Moses will be restored to lead them “To Christ” (Genesis 3:23).  Their “faith” will keep The Law spiritually like Christians.  Only Gog and Magog will reject Christ and be destroyed.
It is quite clear The Laws of God change, but you need to find how they are to be administered?  Christ’s administration is spiritual.  God’s Holy Spirit given on Pentecost becomes The New Covenant which can make you perfect.  The Old Covenant Law of Moses was only made for carnal unconverted criminals who had not, yet, repented (I Timothy 1:7-10).
While The Temple stood The Old Covenant made only for Israel (Deuteronomy 5:3) was beginning to vanish (Hebrews 8:13).  The only way to keep The Law of Moses is to have The Temple existing.  The Gentiles actually step up to first place.
Now with “Christ InYou,” The Mystery of God is revealed (Colossians 1:27).  You come to The Truth of God and Prophecies through God’s Holy Spirit (God’s power, love and sound mind) (II Timothy 1:7).
As with world governments’ laws and administrations change but so does God.  The Ultimate Covenant of God supersedes all of them.  The Everlasting Covenant which is Unending and Eternal began in The Garden of Eden and continues Eternally, under The New Heavens and on The New Earth.  This Covenant is The Alpha and Omega (Isaiah 55:1-4).  Read David’s Prayer of Repentance (Psalm 55).   Praise God and His Goodness.
Passover:  Christ became The Lamb.
Unleavened Bread:  Christ made Christians Unleavened (Corinthians 5:7).
Pentecost:  Christ gave Christians The Holy Spirit after his resurrection (John I 5:16-18).
Trumpets:  When the trump sounds The Bride of Christ returns in the first resurrection.
Atonement:  Christ was given atonement already as Christian.
Tabernacle:  Christians are Priests and Kings with Christ as The Bride of Christ during The Millennium (Revelations 5:10).