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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Is A Law? by Art Mokarow



Art Mokarow

Laws” are not “Covenants” and “Covenants” are not “Laws” whether in The Bible or those made in the world.

Surprisingly, anytime, a nation requires a Law it is the beginning of a people who are destined for slavery.  A Law keeps an individual from being “free.”


Symbolically, The Bible speaks of humans using physical comparisons to express ideas of human understanding.

Jesus described trees as humans (Matthew 7).  Jesus said, “A good tree cannot bring forth [produce] evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”  You shall know people by the kind of fruit they produce.

Jesus said “a free people should be able to live by the golden rule.  No one wants to be harmed.  People should be treated as they want to be treated.  Individuals must never cause harm to anyone and work instead, on becoming perfect like God (Matthew 5:48).

That is why love, “true Godly love,” fulfills The Law (Romans 13:10).  “God” is “love” and if you do not love, you do not know God (I John 4:8).  Now you know The Great Commandment is to love God with all your heart, mind and body.  This is the most important Commandment.

Jesus told His Disciples and followers, that others would know you are one of Christ’s if you love each other (John 13:34).  The Word of God in its essence is very simple and basic.

The Children of Israel asked why they must keep these commandments and Laws (Deuteronomy 6:20-26).  Moses wrote they came out of slavery and “to keep from returning to slavery” they must keep these commandments and Laws.  Read it thoroughly.

Why did Israel become captive slaves again? They broke God’s Laws.  They were transgressors (Galatians 3:19).  Now, you know why Paul, The Apostle said The Law was not given for “the righteous” but for “the unrighteous.”  He followed with a list of sins the unrighteous do which cause horrendous harmful behavior.  Moses told Israel they needed to be reminded to keep The Law of Moses (II Timothy 1:7-10).


This may come as a surprise but Commandments are not Laws.  The Ten Commandments are like The United States Constitution. All nations usually have some declarations by which they live.

Laws are only given to people or nations who disobey their Constitution.  What is the culprit? Why does anyone need any laws?  God answers that dilemma and conundrum as well.  He did so by creating The Added Law to The Torah.

The Torah from Adam and Eve’s time in The Garden of Eden had no law only The Everlasting Covenant written in Isaiah 55.  This Everlasting Covenant will be reinstituted in The New Heavens and The New Earth.

The first law, given as a Covenant, was The Noachian Covenant after the flood so humans would be put to death if someone murdered another.

The Added Law of Moses was, “a rewritten law,” included for a very good reason.  Let God tell you.  The Commandments couldn’t be followed because the people had a wrong heart (Deuteronomy 5:28-29).

It was not natural for human beings to keep The Commandments.  Every individual is made of “flesh” and therefore “born to sin.”  Because they kept sinning, The Law of Moses had to be “added.”

Does that mean you as a Christian must keep The Letter of The Commandments if you do not harm God or mankind?  Paul tells you how you are to keep The Commandments and The Law of Moses (II Corinthians 3:1-6). Read every single word not missing one word.  Paul ends by saying if you keep The Law to “the letter” you die while the spirit gives life.  That is pretty simple.  The Letter of The Law is what is written on tablets as Paul wrote.  Paul included The Ten Commandments in his writings.

God wrote only Laws that you must follow when you cannot know nor do things correctly.  When God knows your “hearts desire” is not right “He must add “laws” with curses which must be paid.

Remember, Laws restrict individuals as they keep breaking more laws (doing more harm) then more laws must be added and then you find yourself back in slavery.  That is exactly what God told you in Deuteronomy 6.

Keeping The Ten Commandments or the statutes and judgments doesn’t give you Eternal Life.  God is “a spirit” and wants to be worshipped spiritually (John 4:24).  You must worship Him in “spirit” and “truth.”  The bottom line you must not sin.

II Corinthians 3:1 tells you what “the truth” is.  It is “Christ In You” which solves The Mystery Of The Law with The Hope of Glory (I Colossians 3:27).  God writes His Commandments and Laws by His Holy Spirit in your heart not on stone.

God writes His Holy Spirit in your heart which becomes a part of you.  Note how plain, simple and easy this is.  Christ told His Disciples He would give them “a comforter,” “a counselor,” “God’s Holy Spirit” to lead them into all truth (John 13:25).

John also separated The Law from Christ and The Truth.  Moses gave The Law, but Jesus was able to give “grace(forgiveness) and “truth(John 1:17).  Through Christ, forgiving your sins, you now are helped by The Holy Spirit by not sinning.  Abraham followed God and was God’s friend you can also be His friend.  When you sin and then repent Christ’s blood gives “grace” so you can keep growing spiritually.

Keeping The Commandments and The Law in “the letter” with all its deeds and works is not the truth.  It is only “a type of prophecy” foretelling “the truth to come.”  The Law of Moses doesn’t make you like Christ who is exactly like God (Hebrews 1:1-4).  It is God’s system of reproducing Himself (Genesis 1:26).

God’s Holy Spirit (the very power, love and sound mind of God) leads you to be like Christ and God.  That’s it!

Christians are to worship God “spiritually” by His Holy Spirit not needing any law.  Laws are for criminals who are unlawful and do a great deal of harm.  If you are a criminal, you must keep The Law.

God’s love does not harm anyone or any part of His creations.  It is a way for The Law to be fulfilled or completed.  Loving one another eliminates The Need for a Law.  When Christ gave His life for everyone, The Laws of God are now actually imbedded in your heart!  The Holy Spirit will help you from sinning.