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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Lower Than Angels By Art Mokarow

King David always glorified God’s name (Psalm 8:1-6).  God is The One who has made all individuals a little lower than the angels.

What does it mean when Christians are to be crowned and rule the earth?  If individuals are less than angels how is that possible?

God made you in His image (Genesis 1:26-28).  But how did he make you in this image?  “Image” in Hebrew is defined as a “ghost, phantom a shadow but not real.”  “Salem” in Hebrew is only “a shadow” and not real to be able to make an image.  No one knows how God looks.­­


Most know a shadow is not a reality but merely a reflection from a light.  In fact until God said, “let there be light” one could see the universe was only made from dust which is not real.  Space at that time was thought to be a gas.

“A shadow” is like “a hologram” manipulated through prisms with light refracting from it.  You see an image from the light but not actually what is true as a reality.  The entire universe is a light reflection of God who is light and has no darkness in Him (I John 1:5).  The invisible God, is only a reflection of Himself, as is the universe (Romans 1:20).

Man was made like the animal on the sixth day.  Each animal is naked with no clothing.  That is why God clothed Adam and Eve when they were aware they were naked (Genesis 3:21).  God clothed them in animal skins to depict they are part of “the animal kingdom.”  It could have been a lamb, ox, bull, lion, bear, leopard or a combination of all of them.

God put a “Spirit — In Man” as Elihu states in Job 32:8.  Angels are also spirits but do not appear as a phantom (a shadow).  Man has a spirit and so do angels.  What makes individuals a little lower than the angels?  Clothes, of course.

Angels are clothed in God’s glory  His goodness.  We are not, we are naked ‒ unclothed.  There is only a shadow of God’s light reflecting off of God’s human creation.  That shadow is only a reflection of God’s light.  Individuals are naked, and not as the angels.


Angels vary in their light and intensity.  A Seraph with six wings is glorified the most, almost like God.  Cherubs are next, then Archangels and so on to angels with no wings with their own glory.

It is all about heat intensity which decides what clothing everyone wears.  God is the all-consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29).  The English word, “consuming” signifies intense heat so mighty it can destroy anything.  It is Gehenna, the final Lake of Fire.

Humans can stand temperatures between 50° and 107° before dying.  If too hot a person dies or too cold a person still dies.  Each cell must create energy with oxygen to live.  A healthy human temperature is 98.6°.  That is the temperature individuals are wrapped in at birth.  Initially, slightly higher when born, but when mature, 98.6° is about right.

“The Creator” is “God” and therefore the garments vary according to the different types of species God is reproducing.  The Angels are closer to the clothing God is wearing than any covering a human can put on.


When mankind attains the exact image just like God and Christ (Hebrews 1:1–3), everyone is clothed in their royal likeness, glowing like a consuming fire.  It is “The Spirit — In Man” which is real just like the angel’s and God’s clothing.  Angels are below God and Christ.  God and Christ are alike, they are consuming fires, eternal and unending.

Nakedness” is the lack of any clothes.  Nakedness needs to be covered.  Adam and Eve were naked just like The Church of God who thinks they are rich and clothed to the hilt but are really naked like The Laodiceans (Revelations 3).  They were naked spiritually.


The High Priest opposed to the other Levites were dressed differently.  Only The High Priest was clothed in full dress.  He had a crown, breast plate and a golden girdle among the clothing.  He witnessed a type of Christ.  To serve in The Temple The High Priest had to have every stitch of proper garb to be just like Christ, The Melchizedek High Priest.  He was a shadow of The Divine since he was only “a shadow of Christ,” ─ The Anointed One appointed and prepared by God (Hebrews 9:1).
Jesus had to be dressed exactly like His Father as The Firstbegotten Son of God.  He had to be perfect and Holy like His Father (Ephesians 1).  Christians must be dressed accordingly.