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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God's Three Covenants by Art Mokarow



Art Mokarow

Covenants and Laws are not, the same thing Biblically.   Laws have specific purposes just like The Covenants of God.  What is the difference?


In The Torah (The First Five Books) many believe there are two covenants, The Old Covenant and The New Covenant.  Obviously, that is Biblically not true.

Besides The Old Covenant and The New Covenant God made The Noachian Covenant with Noah signed by God’s “rainbow.”  That adds up to Three Covenants and most Bible readers acknowledge this is true.


The accurate Biblical solutions for God’s Covenants differ widely.  What does The Bible state, “Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession [witness], Christ Jesus.  Who was faithful to him that appointed him; as also Moses was faithful in all his house(Hebrews 3:1-2).

Jesus and Moses were both faithful.  Christ and Moses as individuals were faithful even though Israel as a nation was not.  Our Messiah’s house was “the perfect house” as The Bride of Christ had to be, “For this man [human] was counted [lived every word of God] worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who has built the house [Wedding Feast] has more honour [Bride worthy] than the house [Wedding Feast](Hebrews 3:3).

Moses was faithful as an individual and follower of God.  Although Jesus was able to make His Bride worthy to be The Wife of Christ (Revelation 19:7-8).  Moses was the one faithful not all of Israel.

The purpose of “the house” they were building is defined as, “And Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant [slave to God], for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after.”

The Old Covenant Law of Moses was not made to save them but to keep them from sinning.  The Law of Moses showed them what sin was.  The Law was weak.  While Moses was up the Mount receiving the Ten Commandments The Israelites decided to build The Golden Calf (within forty days they sinned).  The Old Covenant did not keep them from sinning.

As God’s “chosen people” you either witness God’s work by your life or you do not.  The Law only told you what “sin” was (I John 3:4).  The Law could not make you perfect.  Only The New Testamentwitness” could lead anyone to be perfect like God (Matthew 5:48).

All Covenants of God are to fulfill every jot and tittle of The Prophets and The Lawperfectly(Matthew 5:17-18).  That’s it.


A Covenant by God without a Law is only for “righteous seeking people.”  That is what Peter said in Acts 10:35.  This is very simple.  That is why Paul told Timothy aLaw” is only made for “the unrighteous” who sin (II Timothy 1:7-10).  Paul wrote The Old Covenant Law of Moses was given because they were transgressors (Exodus 20 and Galatians 3:19).  The Old Covenant Law was an attempt to keep criminals from continuing to sin.

The purpose of any Law is to keep people from sinning or transgressing a Law or it no longer needs to be in force.  The Law is forever until all is fulfilled by Christ which is for everyone to be eventually perfect without sin.  This is “Scripturally,” indisputable.  The Law was to lead them “To Christ” so He could be The Author of Salvation to save everyone eventually (Hebrews 12:1-2 and Galatians 3:24).

Do you need any more Scriptural “truth?”  Each Covenant of God is forever until they are fulfilled.  Heaven and earth will not pass until “all is fulfilled.”  That is why all Godly Covenants stay in force, forever, or until all are fulfilled and completed.

The New Covenant, as well as The Old Covenant with The Law of Moses, is in force during The Millennium until all Israel and Gentiles are led “To Christ.”  This can only happen by The Everlasting Covenant of God during The New Heavens and The New Earth when God makes all (universe) things new (Revelation 21:3-7).

All previous Covenants cease (Matthew 5) except The Everlasting (Eternal) Covenant.  The Everlasting Covenant is The Eternal Covenant and unending for everything to be fulfilled just like the others.

How many have ever heard this Covenant preached or even studied in The Bible.  Revelation 21:6-7 spells it out.  God Himself claims He is The Alpha and The Omega who makes “man” in “His image” to be Sons of God.  Everyone who does not become sons of God is thrown into The Lake of Fire (Revelation 21:8).  (Request the free book, The Lake of Fire).


“Isaiah” in Hebrew means “God Saves.”  He is The Prophet who reveals “The Plan of Salvation,” “Ho [listen], every one that thirsts [dying] come you to the waters [refreshed] and he that has no money [free]; come ye, buy and eat [God word]; yea, come, buy wine [Wedding Feast This is similar to when Christ was asked by His mother to make wine out of water] and milk [breast feed] without money and price.  [This is going back to the beginning with free access to The Tree of Life.  Christ came to restore eternity (Matthew 18:11)].  Christ is The Tree of Life.  You are ready to prove God’s Everlasting Covenant, “Incline your ear [listen], and come to me [God]: hear [strict attention] and your soul [life] shall live [eternal life]; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David(Isaiah 55:1-3).

The next verse Isaiah 55:4 start where “the seed” of The Savior will come.  That is why Jesus through “faith” proved to be The Messiah to come.   He lived a human, sinless life.  Read Psalm 51 where “the mercies” of David are given as well as God’s “Holy Spirit” which is God doing the work and not just some Law dedicated only for criminals.

“Christ” as every “Word of God lived in faith fulfilling all The Prophets and what The Law foretold.  Christ shares His Father’s throne as God’s “word” The Alpha and The Omega with His Father (Revelation 22:12-13).  God continues The Potential for Salvation “eternally” with The Everlasting Covenant.     

God’s Covenant is different than The Old Covenant, The Law of Moses or Christ’s New Covenant.  God’s doctrine has no curse or penalty as a codified law (Deuteronomy 32:2).  God’s Everlasting Covenant is completely free with no judgments but completely free for those who thirst to drink its healing waters.  It is of free choice life Adam and Eve.

Each Covenant, with The Law of Moses has curses and even a death penalty.  It tells you “what sin is” to prove everyone’s weakness to sin.  The Old Covenant Law leads individuals “To Christ” to magnify The Law with faith, justice and mercy as the weightier matters of The Law (Matthew 23).

The New Covenant administered by Christ leads you to “perfection” and “Salvation.”  By receiving grace (mercy) and truth you receive a better chance of Salvation (John 1:17).  Everyone at whatever level of maturity they have will receive Salvation.  “Christ” eliminates “The Curse of The Law.”

The Godly Covenant has no law because The Everlasting Covenant makes you Holy like God in His Image (Genesis 1:26). 

All Covenants lead to God’s Everlasting Covenant.  God has thought of everything.