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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Restoration Of Jesus Christ By Art Mokarow

If a person, minister or church is interested in seriously studying their Bible, they must read The Restoration of Jesus Christ by Kermit Zarley.  This book, with over 500 pages and a bibliography of 600 books, is one of the most detailed and thorough books about all the Christian theologies.  It is a must read.  Most individuals don’t have the time to research 600 books.  Every scholar and Christian will be filled with an understanding of doctrinal beliefs and differences as never before.
Two Authors
The Restoration of Jesus Christ was written by two authors living five hundred years apart.  The original author, a monk in 1500 C.E. is Servetus The Evangelical who was a Spaniard.  He wrote this treatise to restore The True Jesus instead of all the stories believed and printed about The Christ. 
Today’s author, Kermit Zarley, is an Evangelical who is a friend of Billy Graham and is famous as a professional golfer.  To keep from alienating The Evangelicals, he wrote this book entitled, The Restoration of Jesus Christ under the pseudonym of the original author, Michael Servetus.  He recently decided to come out and give his true name and background.  His name is Kermit Zarley.  Kermit spent twenty five years researching and preparing for this book.  He used to be a Trinitarian until his findings made him come to another conclusion.  There is only One True God Almighty whose name is JHVH and Elohim, The God who creates all things (Hebrew 3:4).  To come to this conclusion he thoroughly read all Servantes had to say.  He investigated all denominational churches and the basics for their theology and doctrine.  No religious group was by-passed.  To be certain he did not miss any truth in the scriptures he even covers personal interpretations by some religious scholars and their organizations.  This book is as specific and detailed as it can possibly be by human effort.  Each reader is left to make their own free choice once all the facts are known.
Transparency ─ The Key
True science accepts only facts while drawing a conclusion is extremely difficult for humans.  That is why so many scientists are left with theories which are only a mathematical probability.  But, it is not a fact.  They gave themselves the authority and the audacity to call it science.  Even doctorates are given for theories, which at best is nothing more than a mathematical guess.
Honesty in writing or speaking is rare.  Too many humans want to be right like Job.  Listen to what Job admitted when he faced true facts.  Who is he that hides counsel without knowledge [facts]?  Therefore, have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not (Job 42:3).  This can’t be any simpler.
Job admitted he was hiding facts or truth because he wanted to be right self-right!  He refused to face the truth.  His friends also offered advice, even though they were wrong.  Transparency is the only way to truth.  One must not have any personal agendas like being self-right.  The only hope for truth is to become like a little babe seeking to be taught (Isaiah 28).  Reading and studying, even when proved wrong (like Job) is the only way to truth or true science.  Listen more and don’t have too much advice.
Being completely open with everyone is the only answer.  Even interpretations by your own doing will lead you astray.  Personal interpretation can be very mis-leading.  Counsel is research.  There is nothing to fear if you only want the facts so you can make sound judgments.  Facts, nothing but the facts.  Once the evidence is clear and simple, it must be logical.  If there are any contradictions or other possible options called variables (as in science) you do not have the truth.  It is only a possibility!
The Restitution of Jesus Christ, after 25 years of research by Kermit Zarley, with 600 references, plus Michael Servantes research five hundred years earlier has to carry some weight of truth.  Read it with an open mind without thinking you already have all the facts.
A Basic Biblical Study
This book by Zarley is so detailed and precise it can be tedious to read.  You cannot read this book without further study.  However, garnering every new piece of knowledge produces an excitement and pleasure because the truth becomes obvious.
When I read Stephen Hawkings book on Time and Space, I went through a great deal of anguish, stress and much study.  That is the answer.  It takes work to produce anything of value which The Bible calls profitable.  Profit and work is required for any truth to establish faith or trust.
That is why Jesus said that man cannot live on bread alone but by every Word of God (Matthew 4:4).  This book, The Restoration of Jesus Christ is a must for basic Bible Study.  It will help you to begin in a knowledgeable way to help your own personal scriptural studies.  To order this book and others written by Kermit Zarley go to his website,
Proof By Judgment
Be like The Bereans who were more noble than those in Thessalonica (Acts 17:11).  Even if you follow a specific ministry or denomination there should be no fear or reticence to read everything you can.  Only then can God’s Holy Spirit lead you to truth and not following some man.  The Bereans checked up on Paul to see if what he said was scriptural.  You need to do the same and not be cowards.  Truth is always truth.  You can be faithful when truth is really proven and not by following someone’s interpretation.  Always ask for scriptural proof which backs their teaching (whether it is a Preacher or a church).
When you study The Bible, God tells you to prove Him (Isaiah 47:8-10).  Isaiah writes, “you ought to be men and brave without fear and get to know the One True God, Almighty.”
Study your Bible.  Studying to prove The Bible is not The Word of God will prove to you it is perfect without flaw regardless of differing human translations.  The Holy Spirit will always guide you to the truth and God will guarantee it! 
May God bless your search for The One True God, Almighty ─ the maker of all things (Hebrews 3:4).