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Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Mokarow

Bible Study becomes “a state of confusion” or Babylon when you study using man’s words instead of God’s Word.  Through much prayer and studying of your Bible you can discover the truth of God’s Words instead of man’s words.  Man’s Words cause too many Bible debates and arguments.  God’s Word is the only way people are allowed to repent.

Imagination and Interpretation

The Apostle Paul revealed if you attempt to avoid reading God’s WordThe Bible, and instead use man’s word or interpretation, you must bring every thought to the obedience of Christ (II Corinthians 10: 4-5).  Do you realize the power and impact upon you humans?  Paul said, every human imagination or logical human thought must be cast down!

In these last days, Paul reveals it is Christ who speaks God’s Word by The Holy Spirit (Hebrew 1:1-2).  If God’s Holy Spirit is in you, then you will cast down your thoughts and interpretation.  As Christians with God’s Spirit, you are only to listen to God’s Words.  Christ will teach you how.   

Christ’s Test

When God allowed Jesus to be tested He went into the wilderness and fasted for forty days.  Why?  The Scripture states He was an hungered.”  Jesus fasted, specifically, to be hungry so He could pass Satan’s test or trial that God was allowing.  What was the test?  It is the same test each Christian is confronted with when they study The Bible, The Word of God (Matthew 4: 3).  Satan said, If you be The Son of God command these stones be made bread.”  That was the reason Christ fasted, he had to be truly hungry and he was.  The test had to be whether or not Jesus was The True Anointed, Messiah, The Christ.  What proof did Jesus give of His Messiahship?  Jesus, The True Son of God, verified His Messiahship by speaking God’s very words.  Christ, as the Logos, God’s Word, lived by every word of God.  Jesus did not try to interpret what God meant with his words.  Jesus plainly replied by using God’s Word only and not human reason (Matthew 4:4).  Jesus retorted to Satan: “It is written (scripture), man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”  Christ didn’t answer Satan’s question about making bread.  He directly quoted God’s Word as stated in The Law (Deuteronomy 8:3).  Jesus knew The Scriptures.  He only spoke God’s Word and not man’s word or even His own. 

The spiritual lesson for Christians is humans must eat food to live, but what is more important is to eat or live by every word of God and not man’s word.  Spiritual growth only occurs by The Word of God and not Satan’s or man’s word.  How plain and simple.

Continuous Bible study is a daily need, just as you need to eat physical food for your well being.  Daily, you need to eat, digest and contemplate God’s Word.

Jesus proved He was The Son of God from The Scriptures and not from His words.  As Christians prove, Christ is in you by God’s Holy Spirit through every living Word of God.  When you study The Bible, ask yourself if The Bible really states what you read or what you think it says.  It isn’t what you think God’s Word is.  It is what God’s Word tells you.  Don’t use man’s word, only use God’s word as Jesus did.

When people tell what a Scripture means, ask where The Scripture is in God’s Word, The Bible.  If they do what Jesus did and quote a Scripture which actually does say what they said it meant, thank them, and be grateful for The Truth.  Remember, it is Gods Word which is truth and not man’s words or thoughts (John 7:17).

An Example

Many Churches believe Hebrews 7 proves a Christian should tithe to the ministry.  The question is, does Hebrews 7 really say that?    Does Hebrews 7, God’s Word, actually say that a Christian, according to The Law, should tithe to the Christian ministry?  Read Hebrews 7:4-12 thoroughly and you will find that nowhere in those Scriptures does God’s Word state that one is to tithe to the Christian ministry.  Then where do these ideas come from?  Since these Scriptures clearly do not tell a Christian to tithe to a ministry, it is, clearly, only man’s word, and not God’s word.

First, to understand why Hebrews brings up tithing, you need to understand what the context is according to God’s Word.  Then, by God’s Word (not Man’s Word, or interpretation), you can understand what is being discussed.  Re-read these verses and you will find the context is not tithing, but the superiority of The Melchizedek Priesthood over The Levitical.  Why?  The Levitical Priesthood could not make one perfect (Hebrews 7:11).  That is the subject and not tithing.
To extract a meaning from biblical verses which do not say what man interprets, you must ascribe that this interpretation is human imagination.  Paul said, “you must cast down human imagination.”   How can you know the difference?  Simply, the verses do not say what the interpreter states they mean.  Therefore, it is only man’s word and not God’s Word.  Paul told you not to listen to man’s interpretation.

The Proof

Hebrews 7, according to God’s Word, does not give Churches the authority to collect tithes to give to any ministry.  The usual man- made excuse for collecting tithes for the ministry is based upon human imagination.  Since Christ is now The Melchizedek Priesthood in heaven, the ministry, somehow magically wants to step into the place of The Levitical Priesthood.  There is no Scripture in God’s Word which makes such a claim.  Read the clear answer in The Book of Hebrews.  The Temple still existed in Jerusalem until 70 A.D.  God’s Words, which speak about Christ as Melchizedek in heaven, states:  For if He (Jesus) were on earth, He (Christ as Melchizedek) should not be a priest, seeing that there are priests (Levi) that offer gifts according to The Law!” (Hebrews 8:4)!   My, oh my, how simple and clear are God’s Words compared to man’s carnal human translations and interpretations.

According to The Bible, as The Word of God, Hebrews 7 has nothing to do with the Christian ministry taking tithes.  This same Epistle of Hebrews validates that Jesus who is Melchizedek in heaven, would not be a priest if He were on this earth.  Can God’s Word be any clearer?  Jesus, Himself would not be a priest if He were on earth.

The ministry of Christ cannot replace The Levitical Priesthood.  Hebrews 8 proves this.  To imagine or interpret Hebrews 7 as biblical authority, to steal tithes, which only Levites have the authority to receive, is a clear biblical proof of using man’s word instead of living by every word of God.  Read Malachi 3, which states if anyone takes tithes they are stealing.

You need to be sure, for your Christian Spiritual Growth, to only live by every word of God and be sure you never fall victim to Satan and man’s word.  This is exactly what happened to Adam and Eve in The Garden.  As Christians, be sure that your Bible Study leads you to only live by The Word of God.